Stop Stress

Stop Stress

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The Neuro-fault Protection key to managing stress is to stop it before it does its damage. If you read my previous weblog (What Makes Great Movers and Shakers?) you will have seen that unconscious ambition created goals are the ones that work and goals created in the conscious mind are the ones that fail. This is a why 80% to 95% of all new businesses fail in one to three years. That is the time it takes them to run out of money or be declared bankrupt. Follow this mind pattern and it becomes apparent that people create goals with stressful conscious thinking to solve stressful problems. If you focus on your stressors you just get more stress. the trick is to focus on the righ or appropriate solution and not the more stress solution. Like; “I cannot find a job.” (Stress) “I have a wife and family to support.” (Added stress) “I have a mortgage to pay or the rent to pay.” (Oh no, even more stress.) “I know, I’ll start my own business.” This is conscious ambition stress thinking out of a stressed mindset. See previous weblog on unconscious ambition. Those goals are doomed to fail because they are created through stressful thinking and therefore stress contaminated right through. Consequentially they simply add to you existing stress level both in the short and long term.

So how do we stop stress before it does the damage that is so capable of propagating itself? The answer comes in two parts.

First; we create a mind barrier, which uses the power of the unconscious mind to automatically recognise any stressors the barrier is designed to stop. This is exactly the same as activating an automatic spell check on your computer as you write. The computer memory recognises immediately when a word does not correspond to its dictionary, therefore it blocks the error, replacing it with the desired spelling. The unconscious mind does this all the time throughout our lives. So all we have to do is install a new specific command into our unconscious mind to do something extra we want it to do automatically (habitually).

Second; now your unconscious mind has stopped stressors triggering all that cortisol that poisons your brain and organs also domineering both conscious and unconscious stressful thinking and mind fog, you can resume your focus on your true ambition and then devote your energy into unconscious ambition goals that will work. (QED, no stress just success.)

To know more about recognising and developing unconscious ambition and Why so few Great Movers and Shakers, contact Robert Denton at:

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What Makes Great Movers and Shakers?

What Makes Great Movers and Shakers?



The answer is ambition, but not what might first come to mind.


Let me take you back to the moment of your creation. Whether a conscious plan or momentary passion we were all created via a complex route fraught with hazards. From that first life spark we had unconscious ambition albeit in the form of a fertilized egg driven to manifest its secrets. The first ambition is to grow into a baby ready for entering this world as a free individual. The second fundamental ambition is grow to be like our parents and do as they do. I’ll spare you the detail of the progressive ambitions of crawling, standing, walking, running, etc.


Now you may be thinking, but that is the same as setting goals. This is not the case, but let me explain. In the beginning goals are something we consciously think about, and are something specific and very much in the conscious mind or the creation of the prefrontal brain region. Well, yes, but that is just a small part of the story


The more I look into how the mind works it appears that may not be the case, which incidentally is connected to why so many goals fail. Ambition is something much more profound, which may have a particular form, yet open to continuous development beyond strict guidelines. There are goals, which succeed and those that drift into oblivion. Goals that work are almost certainly generated within our unconscious ambition. In this case they are moulded and fine tuned beyond our awareness in the unconscious mind. The next step is as they pass into our conscious awareness via our intuitive intelligence channels of communication. If we fail to follow such new conscious awareness of these ideas they may wither and die sooner or later. We have to be careful because even intuitive inspiration has a shelf life. If we miss the boat because we are too preoccupied with frivolities then we have missed the boat. Remember that tide and time waits for no man. Honouring our inherent unconscious ambition is in seizing the moment at the moment.


It is well known that many children growing up in oppressive or strict environments can have their unconscious and conscious ambitions crushed by parents, school teachers or peers who have little or no awareness of the child’s potential for creative greatness.

There are conscious and unconscious ambitions, and genius or great movers or shakers, and there are the herd dedicated to doing no more than the heard does. We are all born with unconscious ambition, and what happens in our formative years determines whether our unconscious ambitions are encouraged to grow and prosper or they are crushed or simply allowed to wither and die on stony ground trampled on by the herd mentality.


The route begins with unconscious ambitions for freedom and individuality. The dangers first appear when we begin to evolve into a state of consciously making decisions about whom we spend our time with, and on what we focus our thoughts and attention. This is the moment we have the opportunity to follow deep unconscious ambitions with the knowledge of the universal field of energy and information. Otherwise, we may choose to be seduced by our peers to follow the flock of sheep-like thinking dedicated to little other than the frivolities of fashionable sparkle and noise. This is why it is so important to know ourselves, our secret dreams and intuitive ambitions and never allow anything or anyone to shake our confidence to achieve those things. The moment of achievement of ambitions may come as a child prodigy or some other time throughout life. Even into our senior years we may have one domineering ambition or an evolving ambition. If ambition is not fully developed until later years it may indicate that all the necessary resources take more than just a few years to collect. What is clearer than ever, is there are so many distractions to divert us from our true ambition. Therefore, we all need as much help as we can get no matter what time of life, to know ourselves at this profound level before we begin to make serious decisions about what we devote the rest of our time and life energy to.


To know more about recognising and developing unconscious ambition and Why so few Great Movers and Shakers, contact Robert Denton at:

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Supreme Arrogance, Bad Taste and Political Incorrectness-Oh Yessssss.

Supreme Arrogance, Bad Taste and Political Incorrectness-Oh Yessssss.


High Performers Taking a Backward Look at the Opposition.


How dare we be so outlandishly arrogant about our work at MindPower Recognition?

Brown University is catching up. Oh dear they have such a long way to go. The Indian sages were there more than two thousand years ago. Oh let’s not be too harsh on the good people at Browns, after all life was a lot different before the birth of Jesus Christ. Nonetheless, why would Indian wise men need to develop mind filtering processes? After all, life then must have been simple and relatively stress free.

Whether fighting off Bengal tigers, struggling with starvation, warring between rival chieftains, whatever the age, there are always stressors also people have always wanted to perform better.

How alpha waves affect cognition and Performance

Originally developed by a professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) is based on mindfulness meditation techniques that have been practiced in some form or another for over two millennia.

In the last 20 years, MBSR and a similar practice called mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT) have been included in an increasing number of healthcare plans in the developed world.

A new study out of Brown University has found that a form of mindfulness meditation known as MBSR may act as a “volume knob” for attention, changing brain wave patterns.

This Brown University study is in line with other research on meditation, confirming previous findings that link enhanced attentional performance and fewer errors in tests of visual attention with meditation.

The conclusion is that Alpha rhythms help filter irrelevant sensory inputs in the brain. Without proper filtering, the ability to carry out many basic cognitive operations can be crippled. 

The above in italics are extracts from a company who sent us their meditation services via the internet.

Now for the real arrogance!! Yes, we like to crow about our work at MindPower Recognition.

MindPower Recognition had not only made the same conclusions but had also developed performance strategies to put this knowledge into good use during 1988, more than 25 years ago.

The key is understanding how the brain uses filtering for many thinking activities principally to protect ourselves from information overload.

The obvious purpose is to enable your mind to focus on what is important to you and use relevant information only to perfect your skills at doing what matters to you.

No mind filters means you are open to your brain registering every piece of information that comes your way. The consequence of information overload is chronic depression.

While this can be devastating for you it has its good side. Research some years ago found that filtering free information overload enabled highly creative people to become genius creative.  The reason is fairly simple in that having no preferential filtering they had more information than anyone else to be creative with. Names that easily come to mind are Michael Angelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In addition Highly talented writers, entrepreneurs, autodidactic inventors, musicians, actors and artists are known to be subject to ecstatic highs followed by periods of chronic depression frequently during or after great works of artistic or creative performance.

Why the depression?

Despite putting all their effort and talent into a performance or works of art, because their self critical analysis sees all the errors also many more possibilities for their work to have been infinitely better, they endlessly beat themselves up emotionally big time. It is a case of being incredibly wise after the event.

“Let us look see what happens when we reverse this process by adding very specific new filters.”

Let us hope that you have normal filtering and are not a depressive of any sort, but you would like to know how improved filtering can improve your performance without the stress of unceasing self recrimination.

The answer is by your own active focused filtering you enrich your performance. There is no after effect of self recrimination because you set your specific performance filters to turn themselves off automatically as soon as the job is done. This means you are ceaselessly amazed and delighted at your performance. Hopefully you have learnt how to be just a little bit humble.

“But there is more.”

You do not just switch on new filters, you also learn how to switch on the most powerful brain power at your disposal.

The first tests MindPower Recognition did more than 25 years ago were to filter out the awareness of time and distance during 24 hour driving periods day and night. The result was that the driver arrived at his destination fresh, relaxed and free of any stress. If you do not think that is incredible then perhaps you have never driven any long distance.

The next filter test was to overcome jetlag. This was done by creating mind filters to manage the crossing of positive or negative time zones.

An additional test was to project positive intent to others to achieve specific results. Oh yes, this did include advanced telepathic communication.

As this experience grew at MindPower Recognition we realised how it was possible to filter out any form of stressor. We understood how this capability enabled a person to achieve exceptionally high focused concentration typical of brain activity of genius performance.

So well done Brown’s University, welcome to the party. Perhaps if you put your discoveries into useful practice, you might one day catch up with the high performers.

Supreme Arrogance, Bad Taste and Political Incorrectness-Oh Yessssss.

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DYSLEXIA is Part of Everyone

DYSLEXIA is Part of Everyone


Dyslexia is part of everyone’s life. It is part of your life. If you think you are quite normal or about average you could have an interesting surprise one day. If you are a high performer the chances are that you are dyslexic in one form or another.

If you are a genius or geek, you are almost certainly dyslexic. I have concluded most of the big movers and shakers in this world that I have analysed, are dyslexic whether they know it secretly or are open about like Sir Richard Branson the star entrepreneur, Jamie Oliver the star chef and others.

STOP!      The world sees dyslexia as an impediment only because they cannot see what is staring them in the face. They are looking at a condition as a problem with eyes conditioned to see problems.

STOP! CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION. Would you recognise genius if it slapped you in the face?

Someone wrote something like this:

Reality is what we take to be true.
What we take to be true is what we believe.
What we believe is based on our perceptions.
What we perceive depends on what we observe.
What we observe depends on our preferences.
What we prefer depends on how we think.
What we think depends on how we perceive.
How we perceive depends on what we believe.
What we believe determines what we take to be true.
What we take to be true is our reality.

Instead of looking at dyslexics as a disability observe their genius.

If you believe carbon is black then see what happens when you change your perceptions about carbon. Take a look at this video .          

Yes it takes effort to change beliefs, perceptions even redundant behaviours. Yes it is difficult to observe what is hidden behind false illusions.

The world is awash with marketing messages that are carefully crafted to create or perpetuate false illusions.

For example;  powerful industries want you to believe that wheat, bread and milk products are the staples of life and good health. The emerging truth is far from their message. Medical science has known for decades that these so called healthy foods actually cause internal body inflammation, which is slowly killing us by damaging your immune system. If you eat bread two or three times a day it is difficult to change only because of habitual behaviours and the inability to see what else you can put in your body that will nourish you, particularly helping to reduce inflammation.

In modern neuro-science it is well known that everyone is unique. Everyone is different physically and mentally. Each of us is a different as all the hundreds of billions of snowflakes that fall in every corner, valley or mountain around the world there are no two alike.

So is dyslexia a curse or a blessing? The answer is; it depends entirely on what you do with your unique way your brain works.

There is one important stipulation or caveat.

We have to be careful to define clearly between dyslexia and mental illnesses. This is the curse of so many dyslexics that they have been classified as mentally defective. The truth is quite the opposite. In cases of dyslexia that also have a dominant mental illness, yes, ensuring that person has a full and productive life is going to be difficult to say the least.

One woman I interviewed 40 years ago was one of the above group. She simply could not be allowed out on her own. She was oblivious of the dangers of electricity, traffic and could not care for herself in any practical way. At the same time she was a mathematical genius capable of resolving complex equations in her head as the equation was being presented. She could read or write with difficulty but was able to produce a complex maths answer immediately after the question had been put to her. She was written off as no use to the world of mathematics or science because she could not explain the root or path of her genius.

I recall at school in the 1950s and early 1960s how often my class mates, whom I later discovered were dyslexic, would get the answers to their maths exams correct but could not clearly show how they achieved that. They were consequently accused of cheating and given no marks for the effort and correct answer. The fact they were the only ones to get those answers right in the whole class, severely questioned any idea of cheating. In those days few teachers knew anything about dyslexia. Therefore instead of helping those pupils to understand how their genius worked they were put down and handed a massive disincentive. Many of those boys found their own genius and turned into successful entrepreneurs.

This final point is the key to understanding that when we all learn how to think with our unconscious genius mind or as neuro-scientists often refer to it as the implicit brain we multiply our thinking and creative powers exponentially to the optimum of infinite expression. The only constraints often being available resources or budget. Example: Leonardo da Vinci invented the helicopter 500 hundred years before there was a drive source powerful enough,  small enough and light enough to make it work. He designed the helicopter but could not explain the engine that would one day power it into the skies.

Neuro-fault Protection and Neuro-Performance Plus are the methods developed at MindPower Recognition to access the explicit brain using the languages and protocols that unlock the genius held in that part of the brain.

DYSLEXIA is part of everyone, when we understand this we can beging to see our own genius. The only question worth asking is; Do you have the courage to open your eyes to what is staring you in the face?

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 The Cost of Performance Thinking.

It is your choice: You can join the crown of dreamers or you can start by going for a test drive the realising you can do this.

It is your choice: You can join the crown of dreamers or you can start by going for a test drive then realising you can do this.

I have people come to me who say:

“I wanted to contact you months if not years ago but I was frightened you would be so expensive that I could not afford it.”

“What made you finally contact me,” I ask.

“I became desperate because I have tried yoga, meditation and other mind trainings, but they don’t work,” they usually say.

One person said, “I saw an advert for coaching that said, ‘so you think a qualified coach is expensive. Wait until you hire an amateur.’ “I had read all your weblogs and realised you were so open and knowledgeable you had to be expensive. The advert was right I had paid a lot of money for stuff that mostly lasted for minutes or perhaps hours then it had gone. So I plucked up the courage to contact you. I was amazed to find your fees were so reasonable. Since then, not only has Neuro-fault Protection changed my life but I have been kicking myself for waiting so long. Now I have learnt so much about my brain/mind/thinking, I realise how I thought I was smart but was actually listening to mostly by negative inner voice and just holding myself back.”

Another person said. “Why don’t you publicise your fees. I am sure it would make so much difference to so many people?”

I explained the reason why is that first I do this work because I suffered so much, just like so many millions of other people before I began studying neurosciences. Second: for many people, working with their mind is scary only because of old false and redundant limiting beliefs and I want people to come to me when they feel they are ready. They learn faster that way. Third; there is so much distorted advice available today, I want people to work with their feelings and word of mouth recommendation is so much better.

Because neuroscience became my passion in the 1980s, it was not long before I discovered also developed amazing mind strategies to do unbelievable things. I discovered how to switch them on and off as I wanted them. Now it is like tying my shoe laces. I watch others struggling to do things that I used to struggle with in business or just in my life. No one should struggle or kill themselves in order to succeed, the fact is they are and then still not succeeding.

Children should be taught these simple mind strategies at school from the age of 5 upwards. Dyslexic children, as soon as they are recognised as having learning difficulties should be taught how to understand they are different and that they have an amazing advantage not a disability. They just need the right support to help them recognise themselves and experiment in safety with their own unique emerging genius. Yes usually specialised training and coaching of this nature is expensive and that I feel is a crime.

So here you are folks. No it’s not hundreds of CHF per hour and locked into endless months of training and then all the usual extras. It is just the standard therapy charge of 130CHF per hour for a few hours or as much as you want. This, plus constant practice and your life can change remarkably. From then on so long as you keep practicing at home or in your work place testing your own brain power, it should just keep on getting better and better.

There is no commitment and certainly no pressure to buy anything. There is no hypnosis to make you do things you are worried about. You will learn a special fast meditation method that unlocks the doors to your own success. This enables you to use highly specialised mind strategies you chose and activate when and where you want them to perform for you. One-to-one or if you feel happier with a group presentation and training that is fine. There is no bearing of souls. Some people like to share experiences, which can help other people to realise they are in many respects much the same as thousands of others.

Perhaps you are fearful to get committed in training that you cannot stop. Your email address or telephone information is confidential and certainly no pestering. Contact me Robert Denton for details of what is involved at.:

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Dyslexia and High Performance

Quote. Any fool can know the point is to understand.

The majority of the world who have encountered dyslexia in themselves or in others or a child, all too often regard it as a brain imperfection and therefore they are sub normal.

The above attitude is a terrible oversight of a hidden truth. Another truth is that a large majority of highly talented creative leaders, employers, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, etc are and have been dyslexic. Names like Leonardo da Vince, Albert Einstein and Sir Richard Branson come to mind.

So what is dyslexia? Dyslexics are people with brain wiring that processes information in a different way from the large majority of people. Given the right support many are capable of amazing creativity. I write as one who found that I was dyslexic at the age of 50. I had found at school that if I studied in the manner the teachers thought appropriate, my results plummeted. When I studied in my unique way, in most subjects I was in the top 1- 5 in my class relevant to different subjects.

The worst thing I found in my own experience as above or in my 20 years of study and analysis of dyslexia, is that to force a dyslexic into thinking or studying in the manner of the accepted average norm is to destroy their own way of doing high performance.

I have recently read about a top lawyer in New York who is seriously dyslexic. During his university studies he came top of his year by following lectures and studies in his unique way. A principal strategy was to not try to take lecture notes. Part of his genius was to develop intense focus and remember every word his lecturers said. One of the advantages of this strategy was that he did not miss a word while trying to take notes. Undoubtedly his exam successes were due to his ability to recall all that was important to the lecturers. As important as this was, his incredible continued success is due to him understanding how his brain likes to work at it best.

I would like to find who this lawyer is so I can interview him and learn more about his genius thinking strategies. If anyone reading this knows his name and contact information, that would be a great help.

My conviction or conclusion is that every dyslexic person is a potential leader, high performer or even a genius.

What is the key?

  • Every dyslexic must be helped to identify what they are best at doing.
  • They must learn how their brain/mind likes to work at its best.
  • They must be encouraged to learn all about their natural thinking strategies.
  • They must be encouraged in every way to understand they have an amazing advantage over the rest of the world i.e. the average norm.
  • Follow the above to aid every dyslexic to realise their full potential.

Albert Einstein said, “Any fool can know, the point is to understand.”

How to do this?

  • Certainly find a specialist trained coach in the field developing dyslexics.
  • A coach who agrees with the above principles.
  • Preferably a coach who is themselves dyslexic. This is because they do really understand what is vitally important. (See quote Albert Einstein above.)
  • Certainly a coach who will never tell a dyslexic person how to think or what to do.
  • Always a coach who knows how to find how the person thinks best.
  • Always a coach who understands how to develop that person’s genius thinking therefore how to connect to their high performance.

MindPower Recognition’s  training programs of Neuro-fault Protection and Neuro-Performance Plus, are designed to develop people’s unique thinking strategies and qualities.

The majority of people, have in one form or another, a slight dyslexic tendency. This may be apparent as lacking of interest in a certain subject, for example at school. The solution is to change the way of their thinking about that subject. Do this in the manner the person thinks in their narrow dyslexic field and that person will instantly change their interest and performance in that specific subject. This process is commonly observed when a student’s teacher is replaced by another teacher more capable of communicating in the ideal way with that underperforming student. The student’s interest instantly rises and so therefore their performance rockets. This happens simply because for the first time they can understand. Sadly the reverse also happens. A new teacher with the wrong teaching strategies can unknowingly switch off a student’s interest and performance.

In general dyslexics are slow readers but fast thinkers. A common symptoms is their capability to leave bright people behind when searching for solutions to taxing problems. Dyslexics in general are highly creative and can be found in all the creative arts, also in cooking and numerous hands on occupations. The key to Dyslexia and High Performance is in finding precisely where their genius thinking is hiding then gently coax it out into the daylight.

For more information on Dyslexic and High Performance  or coaching dyslexics atMindPower Recognition, ‘Neuro-fault Protection’ and ‘Neuro-Performance Plus’ write to: 

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Neuro-Fault protection by MindPower Recognition.

Performance Thinking at 2 x The Speed of Sound

Presentation N°5

Knowing what you want makes getting it so much easier.

The world and universe is in a constant state of change. If we do not change in alignment we simply get left behind and that is where stress begins.

How can Neuro-fault Protection drive your car when you fall asleep?

            The most amazing driving assurance policy.

  • It is the same principle as top athletes use to achieve high performance.
  • The principal is the same as the high speed thinking required of a fighter pilot flying at twice the speed of sound. They can perform far better via their unconscious brain rather than their conscious brain. In the same manner your unconscious brain can drive a car far better than your conscious brain can.
  • If you are prone to falling asleep during night driving or due to daytime fatigue, a Neuro-fault Protection program trains you how to switch on your unconscious brain to drive the car safely while it wakes you up.
  • The advanced program works by preventing you from falling asleep at the wheel with various options as back-up support.

How does Neuro-fault Protection heal your emotions and pains?

  • Negative emotions and pains are just two catagories of stressor triggers.
  • This training involves  a deeper understanding of emotional thinking also how the body’s innate healing system activates feelings of emotional or physical pain. The sensation of pain may be described as an alert signal to your conscious mind to warn you there is something  you are doing either mentally or physically that requires your attention to change.
  • This Neuro-fault Protection process is to guide you in being perfectly aware of important matters concerning your emotional and physical welbeing.
  • Understanding and adequately responding in time, supports the continuation of your perfect performance.

When thinking with your unconscious mind you:

  • Can plan and execute the most complex and challenging objectives with perfect timing and performance.
  • The best thing your conscious mind can do for you is accepting it does not know or understand, therefore letting go of trying – that is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Trying mostly fails. It is smart thinking, intuitive and unconscious intelligence that always wins.

  • There are those who just seem to know how to perform at a high level consistently.
  • There are those who wish they knew how to perform like the high performers.
  • There are those who can perform but are fearful of the consequences also particularly the responsibility  and challenges of being successful.
  • To learn more about the brains secrets of how to perform also how to overcome the fear of the consequences of high performance  contact Robert Denton at e-mail:
  • If the above information leaves you with a feeling it is all impossible, why not make a note of the email address above for the day you would like to learn how to re-evaluate unconscious understanding of your notion of the word ‘impossible’. This is the Neuro-fault Protection first step to high performance without stress.
  • Weblog Addresse:

For information of how to Manage your Perfect Performance and register for Neuro-fault Protection or Neuro-Performance Plus contact Robert Denton at:

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