Supreme Arrogance, Bad Taste and Political Incorrectness-Oh Yessssss.

Supreme Arrogance, Bad Taste and Political Incorrectness-Oh Yessssss.


High Performers Taking a Backward Look at the Opposition.


How dare we be so outlandishly arrogant about our work at MindPower Recognition?

Brown University is catching up. Oh dear they have such a long way to go. The Indian sages were there more than two thousand years ago. Oh let’s not be too harsh on the good people at Browns, after all life was a lot different before the birth of Jesus Christ. Nonetheless, why would Indian wise men need to develop mind filtering processes? After all, life then must have been simple and relatively stress free.

Whether fighting off Bengal tigers, struggling with starvation, warring between rival chieftains, whatever the age, there are always stressors also people have always wanted to perform better.

How alpha waves affect cognition and Performance

Originally developed by a professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) is based on mindfulness meditation techniques that have been practiced in some form or another for over two millennia.

In the last 20 years, MBSR and a similar practice called mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT) have been included in an increasing number of healthcare plans in the developed world.

A new study out of Brown University has found that a form of mindfulness meditation known as MBSR may act as a “volume knob” for attention, changing brain wave patterns.

This Brown University study is in line with other research on meditation, confirming previous findings that link enhanced attentional performance and fewer errors in tests of visual attention with meditation.

The conclusion is that Alpha rhythms help filter irrelevant sensory inputs in the brain. Without proper filtering, the ability to carry out many basic cognitive operations can be crippled. 

The above in italics are extracts from a company who sent us their meditation services via the internet.

Now for the real arrogance!! Yes, we like to crow about our work at MindPower Recognition.

MindPower Recognition had not only made the same conclusions but had also developed performance strategies to put this knowledge into good use during 1988, more than 25 years ago.

The key is understanding how the brain uses filtering for many thinking activities principally to protect ourselves from information overload.

The obvious purpose is to enable your mind to focus on what is important to you and use relevant information only to perfect your skills at doing what matters to you.

No mind filters means you are open to your brain registering every piece of information that comes your way. The consequence of information overload is chronic depression.

While this can be devastating for you it has its good side. Research some years ago found that filtering free information overload enabled highly creative people to become genius creative.  The reason is fairly simple in that having no preferential filtering they had more information than anyone else to be creative with. Names that easily come to mind are Michael Angelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In addition Highly talented writers, entrepreneurs, autodidactic inventors, musicians, actors and artists are known to be subject to ecstatic highs followed by periods of chronic depression frequently during or after great works of artistic or creative performance.

Why the depression?

Despite putting all their effort and talent into a performance or works of art, because their self critical analysis sees all the errors also many more possibilities for their work to have been infinitely better, they endlessly beat themselves up emotionally big time. It is a case of being incredibly wise after the event.

“Let us look see what happens when we reverse this process by adding very specific new filters.”

Let us hope that you have normal filtering and are not a depressive of any sort, but you would like to know how improved filtering can improve your performance without the stress of unceasing self recrimination.

The answer is by your own active focused filtering you enrich your performance. There is no after effect of self recrimination because you set your specific performance filters to turn themselves off automatically as soon as the job is done. This means you are ceaselessly amazed and delighted at your performance. Hopefully you have learnt how to be just a little bit humble.

“But there is more.”

You do not just switch on new filters, you also learn how to switch on the most powerful brain power at your disposal.

The first tests MindPower Recognition did more than 25 years ago were to filter out the awareness of time and distance during 24 hour driving periods day and night. The result was that the driver arrived at his destination fresh, relaxed and free of any stress. If you do not think that is incredible then perhaps you have never driven any long distance.

The next filter test was to overcome jetlag. This was done by creating mind filters to manage the crossing of positive or negative time zones.

An additional test was to project positive intent to others to achieve specific results. Oh yes, this did include advanced telepathic communication.

As this experience grew at MindPower Recognition we realised how it was possible to filter out any form of stressor. We understood how this capability enabled a person to achieve exceptionally high focused concentration typical of brain activity of genius performance.

So well done Brown’s University, welcome to the party. Perhaps if you put your discoveries into useful practice, you might one day catch up with the high performers.

Supreme Arrogance, Bad Taste and Political Incorrectness-Oh Yessssss.


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During my entrepreneurial career I created built and managed 7 companies. One day everything came to a grinding holt. I was suffering from life stopping burnout and my empire gradually vanished. Following this I studied my own and other peoples, mistakes, failures and success strategies. This led to a ten year study of how the brain and mind functions. In addition, how and why each one of us chooses what we believe to be true, real and valuable. I found the thinking choices we make really determine the future we create for ourselves. In short, I came to understand the exact thinking strategies, which created a hidden self destruction plan, which became active 25 years after I started my first company. This ticking time bomb eventually also caused my burnout. Since following this new career I have coached CEOs, back to creating their companies to renewed prosperity. This I do simply by changing the way they think about themselves and what they want. So now I specialize in helping people with their thinking strategies, which produce the future and results they want rather than what they get. They call on my guidance because what they get is not what they want and they do not understand why. TheMindManual weblog is intended to share this knowledge. It is also to act as a forum where anyone can share their personal experiences to understand how and why they got what they got and how to change their future. That is me in the photo with my wife Hélène at our mountain chalet.
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